El gran hotel serie final

Grand hotel is a spanish drama television series directed by carlos sedes and starring yon gonzalez and amaia salamanca. Teresa and alicia want andres to return to the grand hotel in exchange for his compliance. Gran hotel is a spanish tv series produced and aired by antena 3 that takes place in beginningofthecentury northern spain, in the fictitious gran hotel. Eng gran hotel final special behind the scenes english subtitles. Julio runs into the final test confirming that his sister has not left the gran hotel. Someone has tried to burn cristinas bloody clothes in one of the. In the aftermath of the explosion, alicia is abducted. Alicia returns safely to the hotel but she is amnesic.

Grand hotel 2011 tv14 3 seasons spanishlanguage tv shows to learn the truth about his sisters mysterious disappearance, a young man infiltrates a hotel in. I went through the entire gran hotel three season series in 10 days. The family discover gran hotel has been made victim of a grave fraud. A shadow descends upon the grand hotel when dona teresa gets word that javier has been killed in combat. Why you should be watching the spanish drama gran hotel. Serie completa 14 dvd import movie european format zone 2.

The addictive drama spans three seasons before it all culminates in an ending that leaves a. Julio runs into the final test that confirms that his sister has not left the gran hotel. Thats right, i loved it so much, i immediately went back and watched it all for a second time. The story of a familyowned hotel set in the fictional coastal spanish town of cantaloa in 1905 which is scene to love, blackmail, jealousies, crime, comedy, plots and counterplots all involving the hotel s owners, guests, detectives and residential employees. Grand hotel is a spanish drama television series directed by carlos. The show starts off in 1905, when a young man, julio, goes to the gran hotel in cantaloa looking for his sister who was a maid there because he hasnt heard from.

Gran hotel cerro puertas con final funebre, triunfo del amor y. Temporada episodios estreno final audiencia media espectadores cuota. Julio will try to run away from ayala, who is looking for him for being a murder suspect. With adriana ozores, amaia salamanca, yon gonzalez, eloy azorin.

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