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It allows for a host of extra features, ranging from a builtin intervalometer to hdr bracketing and beyond. The camera is now able to record 4k raw continue reading canon 5d mark iii gets new magic lantern slowmo. This news has grabbed videographers attention as it allows for individual frames of 14 bit output, yielding a much wider dynamic range than youd get from standard 8 bit video files. Canon eos 5d mark iii instruction manual pdf download. Apr 26, 20 magic lantern unlocks raw video on the canon 5d mark ii and mark iii shares it would be interesting to know if canon is actually aware of what their cameras can do, or if some of these are happy accidents for the team over at magic lantern. To shoot slow motion press the q button in live view and change canons framrate setting there. Magic lantern was just created for the 5d mkii initially and now has support for multiple models. While past 5ds could be hacked with magic lantern to shoot 4k, it was often problematic, and it required voiding the factory warranty to use the thirdparty firmware update. Slowmo raw shooters can now make use of an improved 2k 60p mode on the 5d mark iii thanks to magic lantern. It adds features for dslr filmmaking and still photography, and is free and opensource. Use this to free up your 5d mk 2 for better video shooting and overiding the canon audio controls for better sound and picture. It seems the talented hackers at magic lantern have already. The 5d mark iii has been a darling of the team behind the ml project due to its processing power and great image quality. Magic lantern brings 4k recording to the canon eos 5d mark iii.

Some shots that i did recently for a nick luebke music video that i figured i would do some testing w after effects and twixtor. Looking for a canon 5d mark ii vs canon t2i comparison. While mostly safe due to the nature of the software running as a layer on top of canon camera software, there is the. Aug 16, 2012 unlike the canon 7d and the 5d mark iii which allow slow motion by dropping to 720p, the 5d mark ii doesnt give you an option to do any in camera slow motion. Never delete the magic lantern files from the card. I want to do some true slow mo stuff and dont want to have to.

Aug 03, 2017 the source code was originally written by trammell hudson in 2009 for the first fullframe dslr camera capable of 1080p video recording, the canon 5d mark ii. Largest collection of magic lantern raw hdslr video on the. It was first designed in 2009 by trammell hudson, for use in the canon 5d mark ii. For example on a 16 gb card you can achieve over 200 min recording with qscale 1 this has been a real testing with slow action sequence.

The first samples were possible by cropping the image to 1920 x 820, but g3gg0 from magic lantern has unlocked a way to get the entire image the full 1920 x 1080. Jan 10, 2014 if youre scared by the idea of installing a firmware hack like magic lantern on your canon eos 5d mark ii or on other supported canon dslrs then this 25 minutes video is for you. It adds features for dslr filmmaking and still photography, and is free and opensource magic lantern was originally written for the canon eos 5d mark ii by trammell hudson in 2009 after he reverse engineered its firmware. Magic lantern progress continues as 14bit 60fps resolution. This makes the mark iii the first fullframe 36mm x 24mm. Beautiful model in slow motion shot on canon 5d mark iii w magic lantern raw. Magic lantern has officially cracked into the canon 5d mark iv. That new 5d mark iv you just bought wont be limited to the manufacturer firmware for too much longer. I have used it with my canon 7d, and chances are they have one for your model too. Magic lantern unlocks raw video on the canon 5d mark ii and.

One feature we were really hoping for was the ability of the canon 5d mark iii to shoot at 60fps in 1080p, but we didnt quite get that. Magic lantern brings 4k video to the canon eos 5d mark iii. Canon 5d mark ii 76 mbps test with magic lantern high bit rate firmware. The developers working on the magic lantern hack for the canon 5d mark iii have enabled continuous 14bit raw recording last year. Apr 04, 2017 magic lantern is thirdparty camera software and the company warns that downloading it could void a warranty, though the age of the 5d mark ii likely makes that a nonissue. Beautiful model in slow motion shot on canon 5d mark iii w. So magic lantern is pretty cool, but it has its issues as well. Jun 29, 2012 so, ive had my mark iii for a couple of months now and ive had the chance to shoot a variety of things with it.

On fast motion you can get a bit of ghosting, i recommend a faster shutter speed to avoid that. May 12, 20 not only do we have news that raw video at 24fps is possible on the canon 5d mark iii, but we now know its possible to get a full 1920 x 1080 image with x speed cards. Magic lantern raw 60fps slow motion tutorial youtube. First of all let me thank a1ex and the other contributers for a very nice piece of software. How to unlock canon camera features with magic lantern. Magic lantern experimental 5d mark ii 48 fps slowmo to 24 and.

Since then, the magic lantern software has grown to cover a large number of other dslrs, even the new mirrorless range. Written entirely by andrew reid as if onetoone consultation absolutely no guest or ghost writing the eoshd 5d mark iii raw shooters guide is an indispensable book for filmmakers. Please take the results with a grain of salt this is not the same as running on a physical camera. A year ago we tested the canon 5d mark iii raw hack by magic lantern which upgrades the camera to shoot impressive 14bit raw footage. Before this 5d shooters could only run the older versions by the great aj newman and trammell hudson. May 30, 2016 magic lantern ml is a software addon for canon cameras. However quality looks to be better than what canon had used in the past at 720p 60fps. Magic lantern enables canon 5d mark iii raw video output. Magic lantern has no audio controls for canon 600dt3i and newer cameras. Sep 7, 2017 magic lantern raw 60fps slow motion tutorial youtube. For accurate readings, wait until the percentage indicator decreases by at least 2% since powering on.

The slow motion high frame rate component is also disappointing at 720p 120fps instead of the now almost standard 120fps 1080p of even smartphones and canons own 1dx mark ii. And of course, ml also wants you to know that using their software will. The video, from redshark news, is a fulllength tutorial on how to start using the magic lantern raw hack on the canon 5d mark ii. Canon 5d mark ii for filmmaking lights film school. Today i am going to delve into twixtor, which seems. Magic lantern is a free software addon that runs from the sdcf card and adds a host of new features to canon eos cameras that werent included from the factory by canon. Magic lantern firmware supercharges canon 5d mkii wired. Contentsshow user manual introduction this manual is designed to be a laymans introduction to magic lantern release no. Magic lantern is a firmware addon for various canon digital singlelens reflex dslr cameras and the eos m. The software has since been developed to include many other canon camera bodies, and even the eos m series of mirrorless cameras. Before that time, video cameras that allowed for interchangeable lenses were simply too expensive for indie filmmakers. Given all the dropped frames especially obvious in the moving shots i will do another test with a faster card, and slower camera motion.

Canon 5d mark ii 76 mbps test with magic lantern high bit rate. Ml has a disclaimer, and rightly so, that the camera can be permanently damaged, and that puts a great deal of people off. Apr 03, 2017 the magic lantern project has done impossible things before but it continues to amaze at the sheer unleashed power of canon dslrs. Canon 5d mark iii raw video test magic lantern slow motion.

Place the sd card in your camera, switch it on and go to the firmware update. The next biggest selling point of the canon 5d mark iv and how it stands out from past iterations is the fully available 4k recording option. Eos 5d mark ii kit contents eos 5d mark ii kit contents eos 5d mark ii body a eyecup eb not shown wide neck strap eweos5dmkii c stereo video cable stv250n d usb interface cable ifc200u e battery charger lce6 f battery pack lpe6 g eos digital solution disk h software instruction manual not shown. If you buy a canon 5d mark iii, please get it here to reward our efforts and please also make sure you donate to magic lantern for making this awesome development possible. The slow motion turned out insanely good for being shot at 24 fps. See my tutorial for slow motion with the canon 7d here so i did a bit of research and thought i would share my findings with you. The image shows a screenshot with commonly used ml features enabled. Take a look at my favorite features and provide a general overview of running the magic lantern firmware on your cameras sd card.

One feature that really drew me to the camera was its ability to shoot 60fps slow motion video albeit at a smaller frame size than the 1920x1080 that the 24fps footage is. Canon eos 5d mark ii it is regrettable, that having pre ordered this product in january 2009, on arrival in august, it is nothing more than a reprint of the canon eos 5d mark ii user guide. It is very similar to the chdk canon hack development kit, and brings some proper pro. This is the first time the new unified magic lantern has been available for the 5d mark ii. Magic lantern was originally written for the canon eos 5d mark ii by trammell hudson in 2009 after he reverse engineered its firmware. The risks associated with each layer on top of the firmware is very similar though. Magic lantern raw 60fps slow motion tutorial duration. Canon 5d mark ii raw video settings magic lantern raw 2020 fullframe duration. In this year development has progressed and in this post were looking at what is currently possible and how to do it.

Yes, the source for the still above is a 1080p 14bit raw shot with the 5d mark iii with magic lantern and heres a test video showing you how that looks in motion with an article elaborating the work with the camera. The magic lantern firmware is free software that adds cinematography features to the canon 5d mark ii. Magic lantern is an enhancement atop of canons firmware that frees your canon dslr, allowing you to use many useful features. In this video i discuss the good and bad of this little hack. Jun 07, 20 in this tutorial, rich harrington and robbie carman explain how to set up a dslr camera for slow motion shoots. The 5d mark ii has a larger sensor and bigger pixels. The canon 5d mark ii was one of the first dslrs to burst onto the scene in 2008. Eoshd tests the new magic lantern unified on 5d mark ii. In this tutorial, rich harrington and robbie carman explain how to set up a dslr camera for slow motion shoots. Magic lantern is a custom firmware addition which can easily be loaded onto the camera to add new features.

Override the video limitations on the canon 5d mk2 for better. Magic lantern uses the available screen space to display operational information in a clear and practical manner. The best way to do slomo with the canon 5d mark iii. Super slow motion with canon 5d mark ii 24 fps and twixtor. Clips filmed with a 5d mark 3, no post processing except fixing white balance.

A guide to recording cinematic raw video on the 5d mark iii. This tutorial teaches you how to set up and operate the magic lantern firmware for the canon 5d. May, 20 camera feature modifier magic lantern has developed a version of its software enabling 24fps raw video output from the canon eos 5d mark iii. If you want to record more than 12 minutes in 4 gb, or if you have a slow card class 4 or class 2, use cbr mode with a scaling factor less than 1, or qscale with low negative values e. If you have retained the user guide which came with your camera, you will learn nothing more from this very expensive reprint.

Magic lantern is a program that has been developed by canon 5d mark ii users to provide video and still enhancements. Magic lantern raw 60fps slow motion tutorial youtube with. Magic lantern firmware magic lantern is a software enhancement that offers increased functionality to the excellent canon dslr cameras. Installing and using magic lantern raw on the 5d mark 2 a.

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