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Led by a trained guide, you will have a unique experience and amazing views to enjoy as you climb the iconic landmark. Sydney harbour bridge climb deals here at adrenaline are backed by our lowest price guarantee, allowing you to book with confidence. Steve was a very informative guide it is a definite must do while in sydney. Bridgeclimb official site climb the sydney harbour bridge. The summit is one level higher than the halfway point. Bridgeclimb, bridgeclimb express, bridgeclimb mandarin and the bridgeclimb sampler. The climb is very safe with people hooked in and given a breathalyzer test before going.

With this bridge climb experience, you will ascend to the top of the structure while the citys pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles hustle. Bridgeclimb equips you to scale to the summit of the nationallyadored sydney harbour bridge and operates four different climbs. They are then guided along catwalks and walkways, before ascending the inner arch to a spectacular vantage point halfway to the top of sydney harbour bridge. Live simple, live free tinyhouse prepper recommended for you. They guide, step by step every one ascend the arches of the bridge and enjoy the iconic views of sydney, situated in one of the most beautiful harbors on earth. We were glad we hadnt done the full 3 hour climb as that would have been a long time without food and water. Bridge climb sampler bananalab the experience gift box. Climb leaders will guide you through the 556 steps to reach half way to the summit, each step will give you the opportunity to appreciate the harbour, the opera houseand the skyline.

Climb a section or all of the bridge at dawn, day, or nightor even at a faster pace. Climbing sydneys harbour bridge for the best view of sydney. Simply optin at checkout when making your bridgeclimb booking. Chocolate sydney harbour bridge australia day fireworks how to cook that ann reardon duration. With an experienced and knowledgable climb leader, step by step youll ascend the arches of the sydney harbour bridge, indulging in 360 degree views of the city and beyond. Bridgeclimb sydney 3 cumberland st the rocks, sydney, australia 2000 rated 4. Climbing the sydney harbour bridge with a fear of heights. Whether your concerned about heights or youre after an economical taste of bridgeclimb.

When youre ready, follow your expert climb leader through a purposebuilt tunnel that leads to the bridge. Sydney harbour bridge climb tickets all you need to know. Dont let the fewer number of steps sway your decision if you are unfit. Bridgeclimb sydney celebrated the two millionth climber, to experience the climb of their life on the world famous sydney harbour bridge today, tuesday 28th august 2007. Bridgeclimb bridgeclimb sampler work and travel company. Being on harbour bridge is probably one of the best ways to admire the beauty of sydney. Want to experience the amazing sydney harbour bridge climb but short on time. Theres no better way to see sydney than from atop the harbour bridge. Enjoy a birdseye view of the city from the top of the sydney harbour bridge. This sampler climb will take you to the halfway point on the inner arch on the opera house side. Sydney harbour bridgeclimb with kids is a real possibility with the minimum age now only 8. Sampler climb at sydney harbour bridgeclimb book direct. From dawn until dusk, the view from the top is always different. We are absolutely thrilled today to let you in on our latest secret we have a new climb experience.

Experience a sydney harbour bridge climb from redballoon. Those wanting to go to the top should go for the full bridge climb experience. Bridgeclimb sydney all you need to know before you go. Want to save money on bridge climb sydney vouchers itmes. Experience sydney and the stunning harbour with a breathtaking climb on the iconic landmark of the sydney harbour bridge. Bridgeclimb sydney is an iconic australian experience that takes you on a journey to the top of the nations most famous and celebrated structure the sydney harbour bridge. The bridge pylon lookout construction the summit history celebrities social media. You will then make your way up to the quarter point of the lower arch on the opera house side.

Bridgeclimb sydney is an australian tourist attraction the company guides guests on a climb on the sydney harbour bridge. Bridge climb sydney vouchers is a great store to go to get quality supplies for you from gaming. Bridgeclimb sydney 2020 all you need to know before. Get the best of sydney bridgeclimb by booking tickets from headout. As you cross over, to the darling harbour side of the bridge, pause for a. If youre up for adventure, these are some of the other nottobe missed bucket list items while in sydney. Sydney harbour bridge climb experiences adrenaline. Cheaper than the main bridge climb which takes you to the top of the bridge. The four cellar doors have been well chosen to provide a diverse sample of what the. Climb a section or all of the bridge at dawn, day, or nightor even at a.

Summit summit express sampler special events occasions compare climbs. Here are many bridge climb sydney vouchers coupons and promo codes for 2016 and get one bridge climb sydney vouchers coupons. Climb the sydney harbour bridge for exhilaration and view one of the best panoramas of the beautiful city and beyond, including the world heritagelisted blue mountains and the pacific ocean. We had a great time doing the bridge climb sampler. As you cross over to the darling harbour side of the bridge, you will pause for a group photo at a unique vantage point on the bridge.

Choose from several other options, including a sampler climb that takes you halfway up, or a bridgeclimb summit. Adventure over 15,000 metres of steel, catwalks, arches and steep ladders until you reach the summit where youre rewarded with panoramic views of sydney, the opera house and out to the coast and hinterland. Children aged 8 to 15 must be accompanies by an adult with a maximum of three children per adult. This is in response to the current outbreak of covid19 coronarvirus.

The express climb is 1002 steps compared to 32 for the regular climb. Climbs available during the day, twilight or at night. Welcome to the correct page at bridge climb sydney and go to the checkout page. The bridgeclimb sampler experience begins with climbers suitingup before being latched onto the bridgeclimb safety line. Bridgeclimb sydney, australia activities lonely planet. If you pick your day and get a cracker, its unforgettable. Five surprising facts about the sydney harbour bridge climb. Bridgeclimb sydney is famous australian tourist attraction that provides the unforgettable experience of climbing to the top of the sydney harbour bridge. With our climb leaders as your guide, you will suitup in our specially designed outdoor gear and ascend the arches of the coathanger. Sydney harbour bridge climb iconic sydney experience at. Choose between different climb types based on your fitness level for a flexible experience. Diy brick rocket stove cooking without power duration.

The express climb is one hour less so at a faster pace with fewer stops rests along the way. Sydney harbour bridge is the worlds tallest steel arch structure and overlooks the arbour bridge, also known as the coathanger, has become an iconic symbol of australia. Every ticket to the halfway climb includes a climb group photograph and a bridge climb cap. You have several options for your climb, including a bridgeclimb sampler that goes halfway up, or a bridgeclimb summit express for a rigorous ascent at a faster pace. Wear your bridge suit gear and pick your harness and other protective gear to prepare yourself. Climb the sydney harbour bridge for unrivaled views from a height of 440. Our guidedriver made the trip very enjoyable and he was very entertaining and. From the sydney harbour bridge climb to the adelaide oval roof climb, youll find.

Make sure you reserve tickets in advance for a climb. Planning your climb should be fun, so wed like to help make this decision. Your sydney harbour bridge climb commences from 3 cumberland street, the rocks. Jul 09, 2018 the new operators of the tourism activities on the sydney harbour bridge has confirmed the tour packages that will be available from 1 october 2018. This climb goes only part way up the bridge and takes about half the time. It gave us the experience without having to go too high, especially as we are both scared of heights.

Bridgeclimb sydney 2020 all you need to know before you. Youll follow an express route half way to the summit. With a total height of 4 meters, the sydney opera house and the tasman sea. Sampler bridge climb bridgeclimb, sydney traveller. Choose a halfday bridgeclimb with a guide in the morning or afternoon, or climb at dawn, twilight, or night. Bridgeclimb express is the fastest trip to the summit in 2. If climbing to the summit of the sydney harbour bridge is your ultimate goal, we would instead recommend you check out bridgeclimb express. This is the one must do when in sydney, walk the iconic harbour bridge with bridgeclimb. Book an advance ticket to guarantee your place on an often soldout sydney harbour bridgeclimb. Read about our adventure and how you can do it too. The sydney harbour bridge pylon lookout is contained in the southeast or pretty much bottom right pylon of the bridge, and offers some of the best views of sydney harbour. In just 1 12 hours, you can ascend the inner arch of the iconic sydney harbour bridge to a spectacular vantage point halfway to the top.

Dec 07, 2015 the arch of the sydney harbour bridge is made from straight steel beams. Latching on at the climb base below the bradfield highway, you will walk along catwalks directly over sydney harbour. Claim your photos by entering your access code below. Our climb leaders show you the differences between them. New packages for sydney harbour bridge climb announced. Throughout the year, bridgeclimb also has climbs to celebrate festivals including chinese new year, mardi gras and vivid sydney.

Book through klook travel and get an exclusive free individual photo. Get amazing views and learn all about the iconic structure during your climb to the 440foot 4meter summit. Youll scale the bridge with bridgeclimb sydney in the rocks. Bridge climb sydney is the bridge climb company with a lot of adventure and fun. Climb the sydney harbour bridge with an expert guide for the ultimate sydney experience. If youre looking for a unique sydney gift idea, the sydney harbour bridge climb is one of the best experience gifts you can find. Some of you may not find this the most riveting fact and i have facts about rivets to come too. Get a taste of the world famous bridgeclimb on the bridgeclimb sampler. Sydney bridgeclimb in sydney bei the rocks, australien buchen. The cheapest option is the sampler sydney harbour bridge climb, which is a shorter experience that doesnt go to the very top. Exhilarating and unforgettable, the tour offers options for all. A cheaper, 90minute sampler climb to a lower point is also available, as are express. Best time for sydney harbour bridge climb 2020 best.

We felt very safe with all the he gear that you have to wear. This online gift voucher from gift it now is their ticket to an adventure, ascending one of australias iconic landmarks the sydney harbour bridge. Get your mobile eticket admission and climb up the famous sydney harbour bridge. Over summer, the kid bucket list family climbed the bridge together.

In the mean time you can buy our amazing new merchandise at bridgeclimb in person. See sydney like a local take the climb of your life to the top of the sydney harbour bridge with bridgeclimb sydney. Oct 23, 2019 you can climb to the summit of the bridge at a height of 4 metres above sea level, right in the heart of the famous sydney harbour. You can climb to the summit of the bridge at a height of 4 metres above sea level, right in the heart of the famous sydney harbour. Bridgeclimb sydney sydney, australia official travel. Redballoons range of bridge climb experiences will take you or your recipient to whole new heights. We agreed on the bridgeclimb sampler due to our time constraints oh, and that fear of heights i keep mentioning. Sydney harbour bridge climb half price tour experience oz. Numerous visitors from various countries and territories have climbed the southern half of the bridge. Sydney harbour bridgeclimb with kids the kid bucket list. Bridge climb sydney leaders and guiders helps people to climb on the bridge. Bridge climb sampler bridgeclimb, sydney traveller. Bridgeclimb sydney updated march 2020 top tips before you. An ideal climb for those with limited time is the 90minute bridgeclimb sampler.

Bridgeclimb sydney 2020 what to know before you go with. See sydney at its best take the climb of your life with bridgeclimb sydney. Climb the sydney harbour bridge for unrivaled views from a height of 440 feet 4 meters on this australian landmark. Geared at those seeking to experience the climb on a budget, the sampler takes you as far as the inner. One has to look carefully at the website to find the sampler described. Bridgeclimb sydney what its like to climb sydney harbour. Bridgeclimb sydney is temporarily closed until further notice following the recent government announcement, bridgeclimb as a nonessential service has taken the step to close its operations from close of business 23 march 2020, to join the efforts to stop the spread of covid19 in australia.

Your bridgeclimb experience starts at the sydney harbour bridge visitors centre where you meet your guide, receive a comprehensive safety briefing and put on the provided bridgesuit, a specially designed coverall worn over your clothing. If youve got any questions about the bridge climb, post them below and ill do my best to answer. Please be at the starting point 20 minutes before your climb starts. Unfortunately, bridgeclimb sydney is currently closed. Forget the expensive bridge climb, try the sydney pylon. It has fantastic views of the opera house and harbour that i. Climbs operate during dawn limited departures, day, twilight and night. Two millionth bridgeclimber scales to the summit of sydney. Bridgeclimb sydney we have an amazing new store we are working on for you. Tripadvisor sydney bridgeclimb provided by bridgeclimb. Buy sydney harbour bridge climb tickets klook travel. Sep 25, 20 five surprising facts about the sydney harbour bridge climb. Sydney harbour bridge climb buy voucher gift it now.

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